No two people learn the same...decoding dyslexia and learning disabilities.

Where to begin

Children that learn differently...

are no longer misunderstood.

Parents are the best...

advocates for their children.

When you first understand that you need to manage your child's learning style, the better off everyone is, from family to school the journey begins. You need to take action, get involved and understand as much as you can. And what you do not understand ask questions...lots of them!

icukids.com is here...

to help you cross those bridges.

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Is Your Child Struggling?

As a parent you know your child best. Are they behaving differently, feeling isolated, acting out, always take a deeper dive into what the cause is.

What Should You Do?

Understanding and communicating with your child is always the first place to start. They surely cannot diagnose themselves, but they certainly know instinctively that something is different.

Where Do You Go?

If you are just starting your journey to learning and understanding that your child learns differently, you have hit the jackpot! The journey for the parent is no longer a lonely one!

This is the best time in America's history in education, as there is so much information and resources available at your finger tips for children with dyslexia and learning disabilities. Dyslexia is the most common learning disability that affects one’s ability to read, write, spell, or do math. Dyslexia is a result of the way the brain is developed, making it difficult to process sounds heard in spoken language. Children with dyslexia often have remarkable strengths when their learning challenges are addressed and they can transcend in their education and in their life. 



There are great resources available so that you can get enormous information from the comfort of your home.

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